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1 E. Delaware Place Suite# 304, Chicago, IL 60611
  • Monday: By appointment
  • Tuesday: By appointment
  • Wednesday: By appointment
  • Thursday: By appointment
  • Friday: By appointment
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  • $100
    Suggested Amount For:
    A hint of glimmer
  • $500
    Suggested Amount For:
    Add to her jewelry box
  • $750
    Suggested Amount For:
    A new sparkler
  • $1000
    Suggested Amount For:
    Deck her out

For the picky lady who deserves some sparkle. Her jewelry collection is to die for, and let's face it, she needs to keep adding to it (if only so you can borrow the gems)! Let her sparkle, shine, and weigh down her digits with the jewels at Helene Lucille.