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2800 Industrial Terrace Suite A , Austin, TX 78701
  • Monday: By Appointment Only
  • Tuesday: By Appointment Only
  • Wednesday: By Appointment Only
  • Thursday: By Appointment Only
  • Friday: By Appointment Only
  • Saturday: By Appointment Only
  • Sunday: By Appointment Only
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  • $150
    Suggested Amount For:
    Wristlet Accessory
  • $250
    Suggested Amount For:
    Evening Clutch
  • $350
    Suggested Amount For:
    Classic Everyday Bag
  • $450
    Suggested Amount For:
    Carryall Tote

Kelly Wynne designs stylish, everyday bags for the spirited, modern woman. Born out of an obsession with accessorizing, these handbags can jazz up a simple outfit or perfectly compliment a cocktail dress. Proudly made in the USA.