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Staten Island

1557 Victory Blvd | Staten Island, NY 10314 | Dial now: 1.718.556.1200
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Our goal is to provide the highest quality medical, anti-ageing, aesthetic services and plastic surgery in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We will accomplish this for you by creating individualized treatment plans, emphasizing a personal doctor-client relationship.

We use the most advanced treatment options to maximize results, while assuring that our client's safety, comfort, and confidentiality remains a priority.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring the wonderful options available for enhancing your natural beauty. Expect the finest personalized care, while creating beautiful, natural results that turn your dreams into reality.

This website was designed with you in mind. The site offers us an additional way to provide helpful information that will allow you to make more informed decisions. We genuinely hope that you will discover more about our Medical Aesthetic Spa and the many cosmetic enhancement procedures and treatments available to you.

We invite you to browse through our website, and encourage you to bookmark it as one of your favorite resources on the Web.

We would also like to hear from you, so please contact us via telephone (718) 556-1200 or email ( with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have. In addition, feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment.

  • $90
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    Self Care
  • $150
    Suggested Amount For:
    Self Indulgence
  • $300
    Suggested Amount For:
    Treating Two
  • $500
    Suggested Amount For:
    All In