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Hollister Avenue , Goleta, CA 93117
  • Monday: 9 - 2
  • Tuesday: 9 - 2
  • Wednesday: 9 - 2
  • Thursday: 9 - 2
  • Friday: 9 - 12
  • Saturday: occasional hours
  • Sunday: occasional hours
  • Close Hours

  • $25
    Suggested Amount For:
    Online Courses, Varied Prices ($25 - $95)
  • $95
    Suggested Amount For:
    Mini or Follow Up Astrology Reading, 30 minutes
  • $175
    Suggested Amount For:
    One Hour Astrology Reading
  • $225
    Suggested Amount For:
    90 Minute Deep Dive Astrology Reading


My name is Martha Alter Hines. I would love to support you or someone you love with an astrology reading or healing session. I also have just published a new 2022 Astrology Journal, I have three published books that help to support our soul journey, and online courses to help a person feel soothed and held on a soul level as well.

Gift cards can be used for direct sessions with me or for any of my books, the journal, or the online courses.

Give a gift of healing, of feeling seen on a soul level, and of feeling clarity, comfort, and love.
It is my honor to serve in this way.

Please contact me with any questions: